APA vs Harvard Referencing Style

Your research paper shall use the APA / Harvard referencing style with proper quotations in the text. You will be familiar with this rule as a college student irrespective of the course you have opted for. It’s necessary to quote the sources in the prescribed style to transform the dream of getting an A+ into reality. APA vs. Harvard’s referencing, however, confuses most university students and poses some questions in their minds such as, “How to do APA referencing? How to quote sources using Harvard style of reference? And so forth.


Students generally refer to multiple information sources like dissertation help firms for the collection of relevant and authentic data. There are instances when they are required to include piece of work/ideas/quotes from someone else to effectively reinforce the argument. Thus, recognition of the work is essential either within the text (in-text quotation) or at the end of the document (reference list). Before dwelling on the topic- APA vs. Harvard reference, let’s get a glimpse of some of the other benefits of citing sources:

  • Save Students from Plagiarism
  • Helps readers discover original information
  • Gets a touch of ‘originality’ to the document
  • Glorifies students’ research skills

Reading so far, you must have the answer to the question, “What does referencing matter? Now, the time comes to answer your second question, What is the difference between the referencing of APA and Harvard? Further, read for a detailed response.

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APA Referencing:

APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association that is widely used in subjects such as psychology, behavioral science, social science, etc. to reference sources. It is one of the most common of the 7 kinds of referencing types. It follows the parenthetical system, and below is the APA citation format corresponding to the list of references and in-text.

The American Psychological Reference on APA was introduced in 1929 Partnership. This style is used mainly in education, social science, and behavioral science. The references in the subject material should be made in the body of the text (in Text) and a separate list at the end of the text in alphabetic order. APA guide provides detailed information on how to quote from a reference. It includes several sources including newspapers, books, conference papers, and web sites.

If two authors do exist, the last name of both authors should be mentioned. If there are two to five writers, both writers should be quoted with the lasts name when first referenced; from then on, only the first author’s last name accompanied by the words ‘et al.’ (And al. is Latin for ‘and others’) should be included for future reference. If the number of authors is six or more, the entire text should take into account only the first author’s last name followed by et al.

Harvard Referencing:

There is confusion about the development of the Harvard referencing system; some sources say that a zoologist named Edward Lawrens Mark is said to have created it. The style was first commonly used by Harvard University, which explains how the style got its name, even after its origination. Similar to the APA, referencing Harvard also requires a reference list and a quotation in text. Harvard referencing system is widely used in scientific writing for citing the source materials. In a way, each system of referencing is distinctive from the other.

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Harvard referencing also recognized as parenthetical references works on the ‘author-date’ method. It is a paragliding term used for any style that accompanies the ‘author-date’ method. This style of reference is widely used in science relevant to the study of academic papers. Below are different examples of the Harvard referencing style for the in-text and reference list. The available information will allow you to cite the source without using the referencing generator Harvard APA.

Similar to the style of APA reference all entries must be listed alphabetically (A-Z). Each Harvard Reference Style entry should have the following parts in it; Author, Year, Title, Editing, Publisher, Place of publication. If two authors do exist, the last name of both authors should be mentioned. If there are more than two authors, it is necessary to mention only the first author’s last name and use ‘et al’ throughout the text.

APA vs Harvard Referencing:

 The disparity in referencing APA and Harvard can be seen in a variety of ways as there are some slight variations between the two. A notable difference is way two styles record information about the author. Both styles of referencing undergo changes over time and the referencing method is updated. Therefore differences can be found in the same style when trying to compare the previous and the latest materials.

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