How and When to Use References in Academic Writing

References in Academic WritingReferencing dissertation, essays or assignment is very hectic and time-consuming task. While writing dissertation or academic writing questions arises in mind, i.e. when to reference, how many references to include. Lot of students prefer to hire cheap dissertation writing services from Uk based writers. Students take stress when it comes to referencing. Mostly, students could not reference properly as there are many references to mention and the teachers check citations styles to follow and use critically. If a student becomes unable to reference properly, then he/she will get low grades in their academic writings. By understanding how to reference in appropriate way and properly can reduce stress.


Proper use of referencing show teachers or supervisors that students get involved in the subject matter. Moreover, it reflects that students have read the articles or key sources that are relevant to the topic. It also tells that students have carefully analyzed about how each reference is relevant to the topic under study. The more appropriately students include references the more will be topic appeared to be informed. Students do not think about how many references to include because academic writing is based on the research and research will contribute to the number of topics. When students will get enough material or data regarding topic they will finish researching more and then reference appropriately without taking stress about how much to reference.


Reference use should be quality based because there are many blogs and website that do not provide enough information regarding author name, date of publication and volume number etc. The authentic journal articles should be studied for quality referencing. Students should mention each reference even if they have chosen only one sentence from article or websites. If study becomes broader then student should reference accordingly. If students are worried about how many references to include in their assignments under study, then they should break down the parts of the assignment in components and assess their contribution to whole assignment or essay.


Introduction part mostly contributes ten percent of  theassignment so three to four references must be enough to introduce the topic. Moreover, the number of references also depends upon the word counts of each part. If students have enough data regardingthe introduction of the topic,  then they must mention material with referencing. Body of assignment or essay contributes about 75% of the assignment or essay. It requires a lot of material to be searched. Approximately body of assignment will include 2000 words. Each paragraph should include three to four references. The concluding  part of an assignment or essay contributes fifteen percent of an assignment or essay, therefore here must be two to three to conclude statements.


References not only used to give quotations or credit, but it shows that concept, idea and material directly taken from specific reference. Reference must use when the material used is from books, websites, journal articles, newspapers, interviews, publications, quotes, charts, pictures, magazines, essays etc. Students should take care while referencing essays or assignments because teachers or supervisors could pass through these references in order to know whether students have actually taken data from particular mentioned references.

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