How To Use Google Cardboard Virtual Reality In College

Academic Papers UKSo we are standing in the age of technology. We are probably the last generation that has seen the use of written letters posted by mail system and tape recorders and VCRs. Also we are the only ones to have witnessed the emergence of mobile phones that were huge in the beginning, were made compact and smaller later but they could almost do the same stuff like calling and texting on the go. Moving on from that point, the mobile phones now have taken shape of a gadget most of us can’t survive without as it is used to keep tracks of a hundred things in our routine. Getting bored in the bus or subway? Turn on music or play a game perhaps, need to be reminded of something? Oh wait who needs a note pad? We have our phones for that and which song is it playing on the radio? There is an application to find that out for you.

 As sorted as we have become with the phones, a new technology has emerged that is called virtual reality (VR) and this technology is now used by many people. Google launched its VR glasses that are called Google Cardboard which is a very inexpensive device. All you need is this Google Cardboard named device that you wear like glasses but with an elastic attached to balance the weight and keep them stuck and you own phone. The apps that you need for this device are free on Google Play Store and can be downloaded on any Android phone. Later when you fit the phone inside Google Cardboard, the screen splits into two and you have entered a virtual world where everything is a whole new experience.

 Schools are now incorporating VR in their education process. They are training the teachers and instructors accordingly and are very enthusiastically adapting the technology and are making their curriculum based on the emerging tech.

Ideas to use Google Cardboard Virtual Reality in College

Collages are effectively using Google Cardboard Virtual Reality in developing language skills in students and making interactive activities in order to make active learning further rewarding.

The use of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality in the class is very rewarding as now the students can be taken to another place in seconds. Giving everyone a cardboard is not very economical for schools at this point but a small group at a time can do wonders.

You can visit outer space and experience being on the moon or perhaps go inside a very old forbidden territory, or just check out the environment of another city just to write an essay on it or have a group discussion.

The Cardboard app itself provides plenty of learning experiences and you can explore it for a cultural trip around the country, fly wherever you want or have a virtual Math class interacting with the digits and making learning more effective for those who find it hard to concentrate.

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